Welcome to Placer County STEM Expo!

More than just a County Science Fair:
STEM Expo is Placer County's alternative to the typical County Science Fair! The Expo gives students a place to exhibit their work alongside entertainment and learning opportunities for the whole family – including expert presentations, STEM based activities, and interactive exhibits from local scientists, organizations, schools, and companies.

The 5th annual STEM Expo will be held Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Participant sign-ups are online at: http://www.stemexpo.org/IntentToParticipate
Information about the revised Categories and Judging for this year is available at: http://www.stemexpo.org/CategoryList

If you would like to volunteer, please click here.
To contact us, please use this form,  or contact: Dr. Eric Bull - Executive Director (info@stemexpo.org 916.577.2278)